frequently asked questions


How do I know if massage if right for me?

If you experience aches and pains, if you do repetitive movements in work or personal life, if you get headaches or if need a chance to destress, massage is right for you.

What is remedial massage?

Remedial massage is both assessment and treatment of muscles, ligaments and tendons working to restore the body to achieve optimal health. Remedial massage is the highest qualification level in massage therapy and is the only massage therapy able to offer private health claims.

Can I claim using my private health?

Yes. We have hicaps facilities where you are able to swipe your private health card and get money back instantly.

What should I expect in my massage?

During your appointment we may do a few assessments to help get to the cause of an issue or pain you may be having. We will then leave the room for you to remove appropriate clothing (underwear must be worn at all times) before undergoing the massage. During the massage we use oils, working on either specific problem areas or a general full body massage. We use heat packs, electric blankets, heating and cooling to ensure you feel as comfortable as you possibly can.

Will I need to bring anything?

Just yourself and your private health card if you have one.

Do you offer Vouchers?

Yes. We have vouchers available instore.


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